DRUMTEK EXCLUSIVE - Pete Drummond // The Outernet Drum Clinic

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Date: 23/7/24
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Drumtek, 529 - 535 High Street, Northcote, Vic, 3070

We are SO EXCITED to announce an EXCLUSIVE drum clinic featuring Pete Drummond and his fusion band The Outernet performing live at Drumtek!

This clinic promises to be a mind-blowing experience, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Pete and The Outernet up close in a clinic environment!

Pete Drummond personifies the notion Nominative Determination.  From early in his career, Pete established himself not only as an in-demand drummer, but also a masterfully technically proficient clinician and must-see performer at some of Australia’s leading drumming events.  If Australia’s favourite, Virgil Donati, was ever to pass on the torch as the country’s most pioneering drummer, it would go to Pete.  His level of technical mastery over the drums not only derives from an instinctive inclination, but decades of dedicated practice and a level of persistence only some have managed to maintain throughout their lives.  Pete continues to thrive as he holds the chair with Australia’s most prominent touring bands, Dragon and Southern Sons, bringing a maturity and musicality that adds new life to these two iconic acts.