Rudiments & Motions- Frank Corniola (Book Only)

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The second drumset text written by Frank Corniola is set to become an industry standard. 'Rudiments & Motions' is 176 pages of technique studies and musical pieces based around a foundation of rudiments and rhythmic motions that can be applied to all forms of drumming.

Section four of the book gives the student a unique and thorough analysis of rudiments and primary stick motions, with examples on how these ideas can be applied to create some interesting and more 'natural' polyrhythmic ideas. In the other sections of the book are some excellent techniques for acquiring greater coordination, better reflexes, power, endurance, proficiency, speed, a wide range of dynamics, and above all, strong musicality.

With commitment and concentrated practice, the fundamental building blocks offered in 'Rudiments & Motions' will provide an enormous stepping stone in furthering the all-round ability of any drummer.