DW 9000 Double Tom Stand w/ Boom Arm

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Product Overview

Your drum mounting hardware has to do two things really well: hold up your drums and put them exactly where you want them. Enter the 9000 line of tom stands. This specialized tom and cymbal stand is made from heavy gauge tubing with oversized tube joints to minimize wobble, and armed with a ball-and-socket adjustment for easy positioning. It includes 1/2' diameter tom arms to work with DW TB12 brackets and a 934 Boom Cymbal arm. *


  • Using the Auxiliary Clamp or an available Tom Arm on any of the four basic Toms Stand models, you can easily upgrade or create your own unique set-up by adding the SM934 or SM799
  • SM934 Tube with Boom Cymbal Arm (included with 9934)
  • Plastic Tube Insulators inside the heavy gauge tubing are a necessity in recording situations to avoid rattling when drum mics are placed close to stands
  • Hinged Memory Locks are included at tube joints, cymbal arms and tripod leg assemblies to guarantee 100% repeatable, precise height settings every time