Vater Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Drumsticks

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As one of the most revered and in-demand drummers of our lifetime, Vinnie Colaiuta's hands were missing a drumstick that could cover all the bases for him both physically and musically.

Working closely with the Vater craftsmen, even spending time on the Vater factory floor himself, Vinnie used various prototypes live, in the studio, and on the pad - paying keen attention to what worked and what didn't work for him with each. This evaluation process turned into fine-tuning specific key elements until landing on this final design, which simply put…is the one!

The grip size starts at .590” with a very subtle flare out to .600”, then quickly back to .590” for a comfortable grip to a precisely calibrated taper for a great rebound, then finished off with a medium-sized acorn tip for a full but defined sound. This spec combination and a touch shorter length deliver a lathe-turned drumstick model that effortlessly covers the wide spectrum of music that Vinnie plays from jazz to heavy rock, and everything in between - while never letting him down in consistency, feel, sound, and durability.

  • Vinnie Colaiuta Signature [VHVCW]
  • Diameter: .590” [1.50cm]
  • Length: 15 15/16” [40.48cm]
  • Wood: Hickory
  • Tip: Acorn
  • Finish: Natural