Fat Cat 14" x 24" Stand Dual-Adjustable w/ Pitch SS+

Fat Cat
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14 inch 24 strand Fat Cat dual adjustable snare drum snare wires for 14 inch drums. The stainless steel end caps have the dual adjusting mechanism to allow you to adjust the tension across the middle 12 wires on one end and the outer 12 wires on the other end. It has 90% carbon wires for an extra crisp and articulate sound. The end caps have a pitch angle to help give snare drums with shallow snare beds better contact and reduced buzz.

The Fat Cat dual adjustable snares feature:

  • Eliminates Need For Two Throw Offs
  • 24 Strand Dual Tension Snares
  • 12 Throw Off Adjustable Strands(For A Tight Sound!)
  • 12 Butt Plate Tension Reducible Strands(For Ultra Sensitive Sound)
  • Fully Active At Any Volume
  • Fits Most Snare Drums
  • Fattens Your Sound