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Keep your drums in tune, no matter how hard you hit ’em.

A Tuner Fish Lug Lock is a fish-shaped attachment with a star-shaped cavity in the body that fits over the top of the tuning rod, so that the “tail” rests against the hoop, effectively locking it in place.

Using a Tuner Fish Secure Band you can attach them to the rod ensuring that they stay on even on the resonant side.

Made from durable polycarbonate, they are extremely hard-wearing and very strong and you can expect your drums to stay in tune even after many performances and hours of intense recording.

Six reasons why you need ’em!

By Drummers
Tuner Fish Lug Locks are designed by drummers, for drummers to ensure that your tension rods don’t slip, so a consistent tuning is maintained.

Every pack of Tuner Fish Lug Locks comes with Tuner Fish Secure Bands so that they stay in place even when the drum they are on is moved.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable as are the items we use to dispatch the products, reducing our carbon footprint.

Artist roster
Our artist roster is made up of some of the biggest, and hardest-hitting names in the industry. However, we happily support up and coming talent, so if you’d like to be a Tuner Fish Lug Locks artist, please contact us.

Tuner Fish Lug Locks now come with Secure Bands included in the packet. However, if you need a few extra, bags of clear bands can be purchased in the shop (hyperlink to secure bands).

Our range
Constantly trying to add to our product range, we now have Tuner Fish Lug Locks Tone Gel, which is a dampening gel that reduces overtones without sacrificing sound quality. We also now have Tuner Fish Lug Locks Accessory Pouches to make sure that all your small items can be stored safely.