Vater 55AA Wood

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Length 16 1/2" | 41.91cm
Grip 0.570" | 1.45cm

Manufactured in response to consumer requests, the 55AA and 55BB models offer just a little extra reach for the 5A and 5B player's without adding a bunch of weight or compromising the feel of the sticks. Both models feature the classic acorn style tip.

"The 55AA sticks are so awesome! For myself, I like a stick with a little more length and the 55AA has that extra half inch that I need and they feel great in my hands!" - Chesley "Cheese" Allen [Meghan Traimor]

"I've played Vater for over 20 years now and I've never seen a company that can match them in durability and versatility. They listen to what we as players need and want, and they create products of excellence that fit our needs and will LAST through the grind of gigs and performances. There is no comparison; Vater is in a league of it's own." - Chris Tyrrell [Lady Antebelum]