Vic Firth Signature Series George Kollias

Vic Firth
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George Kollias, drummer for the extreme metal band Nile, is renowned for his outrageous technical prowess! With feet that move faster than most people"™s hands, George has brought a new level of possibilities to drum set playing. His very successful DVD, Intense Metal Drumming, has made him a household name in the drumming world!

"œI have been a Vic player for all my drumming life because the sticks are the best," says Kollias. "œAnd yet, I knew there were new design possibilities for those of us who play extreme metal. Something that would allow me to play super fast with comfort, while producing the tone and feel I desire."

The new George Kollias signature stick blends the shaft, taper and neck of the immensely popular 5A & 5B models. Finished off with a classic barrel-shaped tip, this stick delivers a clear cymbal sound and full drum tone.

"œWhile the shaft size of my stick makes for a versatile choice," claims Kollias, "œit is the barrel-shaped tip we used that makes this stick so special. It provides an aggressive feel and allows me to play at speeds like no other stick I have played. I have gained more control when playing ghost notes and I can play to my maximum speed for longer periods. Last but not least"¦it feels great!"

  • Diam. - .585"
  • Length - 16"
  • Taper - Medium
  • Tip - Barrel
  • Finish - Lacquer